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VCI Packing

Let us see what VCI Technology

VCI stands for Volatile Chemical Inhibitors, these are high tech chemicals that are volatile in nature and they constantly vaporize and protect the metals from corrosion.

Why do you need VCI Packaging?

This type of packaging is used to protect against corrosion. Corrosion is a constant, indiscriminate and can be costly to metal parts, this happens especially when packaged for storage and distribution. Other traditional anti-corrosion methods can be messy, costly and also hazardous to not only personnel but to the environment as well.

The packaging constantly releases a mixture of special chemicals that vaporize and create gases which have anti-corrosion properties. These special vapors form a very thin protective layer around the metal surface and prevent the metal from corrosion.

Features of VCI Packaging

Covered with specially engineered hi-tech VCI chemicals.

Protection for ferrous, non-ferrous and composite needs

They do not affect electrical, optical and composite metals

Eco-friendly & recyclable

High load of hi-tech VCIs with multi metal protection for longer period

Protects goods during transit, storage even operation

Quick & simple installation

It does not affect electrical, optical and surface properties

What is VCI made of?

Zerust® ICT®520-SRA VCI Plastic Scrim

ICT®520-SRA VCI is a durable polyethylene fabric film that contains woven strands for strength and tear resistance that prevents corrosion and damage in shipping and storage.

  • 2-Shrink Film

     A material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering, you can wrap around any object, no matter what the size or shape. There are a variety of uses for Shrink wrap and shrink film heat is then applied to the surface, which causes the plastic to shrink. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your object and seals itself.

  • There are several ways to shrink wrap. Smaller items may be placed in a shrink wrap bag, and then heated with a handheld heat gun. Other items may be placed in a shrink wrap tubing that is adjustable in length. Facilities that regularly shrink wrap larger loads may use a shrink wrap machine, which can wrap, heat, and seal all at the same time.

  • Advantages to Shrink Wrapping

    Shrink wrapping has many applications across various industries. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers a wide range of benefits as well.

  • ➢ Protection
  • When heat is applied to shrink wrap, it creates a very tight seal. This plastic seal then fully protects the shrink wrapped contents. Once sealed, the items are no longer vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by dust, dirt or moisture. Some types of shrink wrap even come with UV protection, to keep your products safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • ➢ Durability

  • Shrink wrap is made from a very sturdy, durable plastic. It is difficult to tear or puncture. Unlike other materials, shrink wrap does not become brittle or weaken when it is in the sun or extreme cold. Once the shrink wrap has been heated and sealed over your objects, it will not loosen or sag.

  • ➢ Tampering

  • Since shrink wrap both seals and holds its shape once applied, any tampering will be noticeable immediately. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies now shrink wrap their products, as well as food manufacturers. Some types of shrink wraps used by banks and government agencies change color when the plastic has been stretched, to show that the sealed items have been touched.

  • ➢ Affordability

  • Compared to other packaging materials, shrink wrap can be a very affordable choice. It also is designed to minimize space; it keeps bundled items close together without the use of additional bulky materials, such as boxes. Space saved is money saved, both in storage and transport.

  • ➢ Branding

  • An added feature of shrink wrap is that it can be designed with colors, words, pictures and logos that promote your products. From your production floor until it reaches the end user, your product isn’t just wrapped in plastic—it’s wrapped in your brand. This is a marketing tool that can increase brand awareness, and make you more visible to your customers.

  • ➢ Preservation

  • Many foods that need to be preserved, either for transport or to extend shelf life, are preserved in shrink wrap. Food-grade shrink wrap is a regular choice for food production companies.

  • ➢ Convenience

  • The one item that most separates shrink wrap from other packaging materials is that is can be used for any size project. Small electrical wires are often shrink wrapped to prevent exposure to moisture. Game pieces, candies, and hardware can all be bunched and shrink wrapped. On the other end of the spectrum, shrink wrap kits are sold to weatherize boats and greenhouses. Freight on trailers and trains can be shrink wrapped for easier transport. Even entire buildings have been shrink wrapped to prevent chemical leaks or exposure from hazardous materials




Aluminum Barrier Foil comprises of 3 to 4 layers of different materials. These materials bond together with adhesive or extruded polyethylene and derive their properties from a strong construction. These multiple layers are of Polyester, Nylon, Aluminum Foil, and Polyethylene which when combined are strong enough to safeguard and create a puncture & moisture resistance package.


The aluminum layer is extremely important in laminates. They are used in a wide variety of industries to provide both Dry Product Protection and Corrosion Prevention. Barrier Foil protects the integrity of any application where deterioration of the packaged product may take place due to moisture Oxygen Ingres, U.V. Light Temperature Extremes, Odors,  Chemicals, Mold & Fungi Growth etc..


 If your cargo requires the ultimate protection from moisture and corrosion during storage and transit, aluminum barrier foil material is the best choice for packing products that are highly sensitive to moisture.


Benefits of using Barrier Foil?

  • ·         Eliminate Corrosion, Moisture, odors, Mold & fungi growth etc.
  • ·         Eliminate the need to re-dry products.
  • ·          Protects Hydroscopic products from moisture ingress and damage.
  • ·          Protects Atmospherically sensitive products from the outside environmet.
  • ·          Outer packaging cleanliness.
  • ·          Suitable for Hot-fill applications.
  • ·          Suitable for Anti-Static Applications.
  • ·          Allows for reusable containers.

Vacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the Aluminum foil bags prior to sealing. The method involves placing items in an aluminum foil package and removing air from inside and sealing the package. The intent of vacuum packaging is usually to remove air from the vacuum bag to extend the shelf life of products with flexible package forms. This packaging method is used to protect product from the corrosion or the rust.

It is preferred for the seaworthy and an export shipment which takes months to reach the destination through sea the humidity is maximum. High humidity in the atmosphere causes the rusting to the product.


Aluminum Barrier Foils Vacuum Packing  is  the perfect combination to reduce moisture penetration inside the packaging and provide shelf life of up to 15 years.



Corrugated Paper Packaging is visible wherever goods are produced, transported and displayed! Since its invention almost 150 years ago, it has ensured the safe and hygienic transit of goods, protecting and wrapping about 70% of the world’s products from producer to consumer


Corrugated packaging is a clean, single-use container that can reduce the transfer of harmful bacteria from one shipment to the next. This, too, has been proven in multiple scientific studies. Recent research has been conducted by third-party university professors and affiliated laboratories, and included a field survey and controlled laboratory studies that investigated and provided evidence to support the cleanliness of corrugated packaging. See more below:

Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.


Benefits of Corrugated Packing

Corrugated packaging is lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.

* Maximizes efficiency; minimizes freight & handling costs

* Frequently cubes out a truckload before weighing out

* Single-use corrugated reduces the transfer of harmful bacteria from one shipment to the next


Multiple studies have shown that corrugated makes the most efficient use of space in truckloads, which is an important determinant of shipping costs. With innovative design, boxes can be right-sized to any product – eliminating wasted space and minimizing the need for void fill materials (such as air pillows, packing peanuts, etc.).


Corrugated is 100% Renewable and Recyclable*

Corrugated board is made from a combination of two sheets of paper called «liners» glued to a corrugated inner medium called fluting. These three layers of paper are assembled in a way which gives the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer.


This ingenious construction forms a series of connected arches which are well known for their ability to support strong weights. This structure gives corrugated board considerable rigidity and resistance. The air circulating in the flutes also serves as an insulator which provides excellent protection against temperature variations. There are many types of corrugated, each with different flute sizes and profiles which offer many combinations designed to create packaging with different characteristics and performances. Corrugated board is then cut and folded into an infinite variety of shape and sizes to become corrugated packaging. Corrugated is a high performance packaging material designed to pack, protect and promote products.



Honeycomb is a rugged, cost-effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material that has proven ideal for many uses, including packaging, pallets, dunnage, furniture inner structures and signage displays. It is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells. In most cases, the cells are faced on both sides with similar materials to create what is, ounce for ounce, the strongest product known. Honeycomb works on the I-beam principle. The facing of the panel acts as the flange of the I-beam and the core as its web. The flange carries the tension and the compression across the surface of the panel. The web holds the flanges together in proper order.

Honeycomb packaging products provide protection to your materials inside and out. From corner protectors and cushion, to die cut specialty protective packaging pieces our products provide the most comprehensive product protection. Honeycomb boards, void fill and paper pallets are constructed with Kraft paper to be environmentally friendly unlike a lot of EPS and PE foam moldings. It provides superior protection and can be custom-designed to meet your individual packaging needs.

Honeycomb palletsHoneycomb pallets

Honeycomb Paper Pallets offer many benefits. They are a viable, lightweight alternative to wood and plastic because they are easy to handle and will not splinter.

They are capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs and two-way or four-way entry allows easy forklift access. Because they are lightweight, shipping costs are greatly reduced. In addition, they are made with 100% paper, which eliminates cost of pallet exchange and makes them totally recyclable.

Honeycomb board delivers many of the properties associated with foam, but in a more environmentally acceptable manner. And with its adaptability and our custom-design process, we can make this material the key component in protecting almost any delicate or breakable product.

Corner and edge protection

We have many smart solutions to protect corners and edges against shock during transport. We use techniques such as punch, slit and squeeze and are happy to develop custom designs together with you.

Pallet frames, wraps and fillers

We manufacture lightweight pallet frames with a strong carrying capacity. That they’re also easy to handle make them an ideal solution for container transportation.

We also manufacture honeycomb for wrapping, which may be used on pallets as protection around products or as lining for cardboard boxes.

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Honeycomb is versatile and easy to work with, making it ideal for the production of unique materials for exhibitions and trade fairs. To give some examples, we have designed and built sets of shelves, tables and many more custom solutions. The material is suitable for everything that needs to be lightweight, strong and environmentally friendly.

That all our products are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compressible is an advantage especially for trade fairs, when exhibition material needs to be stored or disposed of Honey comb technology is a unique engineering makes it especially strong and durable, with cushioning and rigidity to provide superior protection. Our engineers collaborate directly with you to solve any industrial packaging or transport damage problems using this environmentally responsible alternative.

6-WOODEN Packing

Safe packaging and transportation of materials, machinery, and equipment are major concerns of every industry. we have an ultimate solution for this, Velocita brings forth a wide range of wooden boxes. The assortment of wood pack products includes wooden boxes, Plywood Boxes, Wooden Pallets, Skelton Crates, and timber boxes. All our wooden packaging products are made from high-quality wood and ply which ensures their durability. We are well recognized as one of the key manufacturers and suppliers of wooden boxes for seaworthy and airworthy packing for electrical panels, switch gears, Machinery,Highly Sensitive Electrical& Electronic Devices & Batteries. We are the number 1 manufactures of customized heavy-duty wooden boxes, irrespective of the size & shape. We are one of the reliable manufactures suppliers of wooden storage pallets and crates. we manufacture wooden packing products with imported white wood as well as hardwood. Our wooden pallets, crates, and boxes are perfect for transportation and storage purposes both small and huge items. They are designed to carry huge loads without damaging them. Our wooden products facilities are well equipped with skillful team and types of machinery.


Velocita is a packing & logistics services provider to FMCG, Electronics, Pharma, manufacturing & export companies.  We undertake all activities necessary to prepare and present products at their best at regional and nationwide promotions.  We engage in activities like shrink wrapping,  co-packing, and labeling, bar-coding, re-packing, sticker and label production.

Shrink-Wrapping and Packaging Shrink-Wrapping and Packaging

  • ·         Shrink-wrapping of FMCG goods of different sizes with excellent quality POF of various microns as per requirement.
  • ·         Banding of products as per our clients requirements
  • ·         Bagging and Bucket packing
  • ·         Promotional Packaging tailor made
  • ·         Perfume and Cosmetic Packaging
  • ·         Electronics items co-packing
  • ·         Stretch Wrapping, Strapping, Palletizing
  • ·         Barcode Printing
  • ·         POS communication labels & stickers printing
  • ·         Italian shrink wrapping machines are used in our operations
  • ·         The films that are used for packing by us are Polyolefin and Polyethylene up to 50 µ
  • ·         Average output per hour is up to 1500 packs per hour (speed can change according to the product size, pack collation and type of film used)

We at Velocita Modern Projects seek to help our clients with a fast, flexible and efficient warehouse and storage services too.  Short-term or long-term storage facility is provided to our clients. We extend these warehousing services at flexible and extremely competitive market rates. Our warehouse and storage space are equipped with 24-hours CCTV surveillance. 

Tailored & accurate quotes

Highest quality packing materials

Professional team of movers & packers

 Fully transparent & no hidden costs

Our International Cargo Service Inclusions


When it comes to international shipping, we can ship almost anything overseas. For any move, the customer will be guided by a personal account manager to ensure that the move goes along smoothly. To know more, send us an inquiry today!


Air Freight

We proudly offer all-inclusive air freight services to help you save time and money on getting your goods where they need to go.


Sea Freight

Moving cargo by sea is arguably the most cost-effective way of transporting goods overseas. We provide sea freight services at highly competitive prices.